Good Dog/Bad Dog
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Who gets a snack treat and who gets a smack with the rolled up newspaper?
The sports world is full of good dogs and bad dogs. Each week Ed and Doug will alternate in picking someone from each group. This week, Ed gets the honor.

Ed's Good Dog of the Week
My Good Dog of the Week award goes to Lance Armstrong. The American cyclist won his fifth consecutive Tour de France title this Sunday tying the all time record. Armstrong has dominated one of the most grueling athletic events in the history of sport all while bouncing back from cancer. Tumors ravaged his brain, testicles and lungs in 1996, but he fought his way back from chemotherapy to win his first Tour de France in 1999. Pardon me while I wrap myself in the American flag, I don't do it very often. If there is one athlete we as Americans should be proud of it is Lance Armstrong. Flat out he is a bad ass. To kick cancer's ass and become a world class athlete Armstrong deservers our respect and admiration. I know it's a bicycle race and we as Americans don't really care about the sport, we definitely should care about the man dominating the sport.
Ed's Bad Dog of the Week
My Bad Dog of the Week Award goes to the National Football League. As much as I love the NFL the league dropped the ball this week by fining Detroit Lions GM Matt Millen 200,000 dollar for not interviewing any minority candidates before hiring coach Steve Mariucci. Now let me say that Matt Millen is not a bright guy and a horrible GM AND let me say that there definitely needs to be more minorities hired as head coaches and general managers in the NFL. However, the NFL should not fine teams/GMs when the obvious choice for the job happens to be white. The Lions didn't want ANYONE to replace Marty Mornenweg except Steve Mariucci. Everyone knew it and understood that Mariucci was the best man for the job that's why several minority candidates turned down interview offers from the Lions. Why? Because understandable they didn't want to be just token interviews. The same scenario happened in Dallas. The Cowboys wanted Bill Parcells, went out and got him and pretended to be interested in minority candidates just to make it look like they were complying with the NFL's guidelines. Dallas was not fined. If the NFL really wants to make a difference and make a big statement I say commissioner Paul Taglibue should resign and name Gene Washington as new commissioner. That would show the NFL really cares about minorities being hired for positions of influence in the league. Washington would be the first black comissioner in any major sport, he is a former player in the NFL and is currently the leagues director of operations. Put your money where you mouth is NFL.

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